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Create audio presentations, podcasts, or record yourself singing
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Gabriel Fernandez

Audios processor for mixing multiple tracks, creating audio projects, recordings voices, and removing the vocals from songs. Choose from a wide variety of sound effects like echo, compressor, or reverb and multiple templates.

As its name suggests, Easy Audio Mixer is indeed an audio processing tool that allows mixing tracks together and creating new sound projects, and not yet another typical audio editor that just lets you cut, copy, delete fragments and add effects to a sound file displayed as a waveform. The main purpose of Easy Audio Mixer is to let you combine (mix) sound tracks together and create cool presentations, podcasts with attractive sound effects, or even new music. It can be said that it reminds of a stripped-down, minimal, very lightweight version of a powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) tool like Ableton Live.

Easy Audio Mixer lets you import the sound tracks either from standalone files already existing on your computer, or from recordings that you can create immediately, as this powerful tool also sports a handy recording function. For each track to be added to the mix, different sound effects can be applied (reverb, compressor, echo, etc.). Furthermore, channel editing can be easily done, and plenty of various templates can be used to streamline the workflow. In fact, being easy-to-use is probably the main quality of this application. Its interface is neat and straightforward, and there are also plenty of video tutorials to guide you if you still require some help around.

Last but not least, Easy Audio Mixer is capable of removing the vocals from audio files. Unfortunately, exporting the edited audio files can be done only to 4 formats: WMV, M4A, WAV and WMA. Anyway, for input files, additional formats like MP3, OGG, and FLAC are also supported.

In conclusion, Easy Audio Mixer is a nice tool that offers a simpler manner to mix audio tracks, being more suitable for casual users in need of performing basic audio editing tasks.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can also remove the vocals from songs
  • Supports sound recording
  • Allows applying sound effects to separate tracks and channels


  • Small number of output formats
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