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Easy Audio Mixer is a handy audio multi-track editor
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Easy Audio Mixer is an audio multi-track editor. The application’s interface is based on a timeline and separate channels where you can insert audio objects. This surely requires a certain level of expertise, so inexperienced users will probably feel the need to consult the accompanying documentation, which includes some video tutorials. The mixer allows two editing modes: default and brush. Luckily, the latter is easier to use because cutting and remixing a track is just like painting the selected section with a brush. It is also good that you are allowed to choose a type of project every time you create a new one; this way, the elements in the interface (ex. channels) will be configured accordingly.

The main advantage of this tool is the possibility to use multiple channels, which allows you to edit their contents separately by importing audio and video, applying various effects and editing. Besides equalizing effects, you can also apply others, such as compression, reverb, echo and voice removal.

The application supports various input sound formats, such as M4A, MP4, MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC. Another way to incorporate audio into your project is by recording it with a microphone. However, it can only export audio to M4A, WAV and WMA. Similarly, exporting video is limited to a single format, WMV.

In general, Easy Audio Mixer can create audio mixes with decent results. If you like mixing, then, this is an application you should definitely try. Unfortunately, I should warn you that while I was editing a project, the application froze and had to be restarted once. The rest of the time it worked without any problems.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports two editing modes
  • It allows using separate channels
  • It has multiple effects


  • It can be difficult to use
  • Output formats are limited
  • It froze while I was using it
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